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    Coming together is the first step, staying together is what makes us strong. Let's create a community where we can help others not feel alone but accepted.

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"Better Together"

We are currently living in the most connected time of our lives, yet, this has only served to fuel the fire of loneliness in our country and around the world. Loneliness has become a full-fledged epidemic and is claiming more lives each and every year. Research shows that loneliness today can lead to a shorter life-span through a multitude of health issues, and even more dire, early death due to suicide (read more about it HERE). Loneliness does not have any boundaries, whether you are a senior or a teen, married or single, age, sex, nationality or any sort of demographic does not matter as everyone is susceptible to this condition. What can we do? the simple act of connecting and having even ONE quality person in your life as a friend can make the world of difference in this fight towards loneliness.

Revive Summit was born from this desire to help to combat this epidemic. “Life is better TOGETHER” was our founder’s motto and one that has fueled him to continue moving forward despite any of life’s challenges. “Understanding there was a bigger purpose, that it was so much bigger than just me is what made me realize this “movement” needed to exist” he states. We want to bring people together, to help each person find a meaningful friendship & relationship in their lives. More importantly, to ensure that each person has the ability to get through anything they may be facing with the support of people who could understand them better than most.

Will you come and join us? We certainly hope so, the world needs YOU here for this very reason. To do Life Together.

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“Be Thankful for

the Ups and Downs in your life

They are a sign

that YOU are alive”